Friday, April 15, 2011

traditions commentary

Ok, so I've been doing a lot of wedding research lately in anticipation of May 1st's debut of my profesh wedding blog (it's coooooming!). I stumbled up on a few "anti-bride" articles this morning and wanted to spill my two cents on 'em.  Here's what they say...

1. Diamonds Aren’t Every Girl’s Best Friend. This is true. Buuuut... as long as it's not a blood diamond, I want a sparkler. Clear, white gold or platinum setting, something more than solitaire simplicity, not a huge thick band... and I'm a happy girl. And as for those kids that say they're engaged without a ring?  (Unless you have zero intention of EVER getting a ring)... you're not engaged.  If you just want the label without having to save up to invest SOMETHING in your marriage, you're jumping the gun and I don't recognize your (lack of) commitment. But maybe that's just me.
(two pretties!)
my dream engagement ring. beautiful. so unique. and massive. will i ever get this? no. but that's ok. i'd rather have a representation of drew on my finger than something i personally picked out. PS:  I'm a size 5.5 and I really like the 1-carat version!!!! ;) [sidenote:  oh SHOOT. it's $9150! nevermind. too much moolah.]

2. Wedding March:  Anything goes as long as it's in good taste. I agree with this, too. I'm definitely not going to be marching down the aisle to the traditional "dun dun dun-dun." For my wedding, we're personalizing this (very important to us) detail by  having dear friends play a song Drew wrote for me as my bridal party and I descend down the walkway.  It will be special, it will be unique, and I'm happy.
3. The Big “Unveiling”:  Not necessary. Unless it's a religious requirement, totally not a necessity.  I want a birdcage veil just for added effect (it's pretty!), but my makeup and hair will be center stage. And I know I'll want to rock an elbow-length at my bachelorette!

4. “Obey” is SO Not OK. You can guarantee "obey" will not be a part of my vows to dear Drew.  I will love and cherish and honor him all the live-long day, but he doesn't get to order me around. Yay third-wave feminism!!!
5. Crossing the (Receiving) Line:  Skip it. I feel like the receiving line is a slightly outdated tradition... it becomes less feasible and realistic as the timelines for weddings morph and change.  I LOVED the receiving line at my friend Eleni's (tradition Greek) wedding, but that's been one of the few times I've seen it work.  What with pictures being taken after the ceremony, cocktail hours in alternate locations, and the hustle and bustle of rounding up everyone and trying to get through hundreds of guests... getting everyone in single file doesn't really happen. By all means I want to see my guests, spend time with them, and thank 'em for coming. But that can happen later in the reception.
6. Dance, Dance Revolution:  Break it down if the mood strikes you. I'm a traditionalist when it comes to dances.  I want a first dance with my husband (song? check.), a father-daughter dance with my Daddy (song? check.), and my sorority ritual song. It's not too much of a burden to do all that.  I may or may not skip the garter toss, I may give my bouquet to the oldest couple in attendance, and you can bet your bottom dollar "Single Ladies" will not be played, but besides that? I'm pretty lenient.  
7. Skip the Hokey Music. Yes please. No funky chickens. Maybe a Cha-Cha Slide. Probably a Cupid Shuffle. But nothing circa dance club 1988.
8. Let Them Eat Cake (At Someone Else’s Wedding). Oh hell no. I'm serving cake! Buttercream for me and cheesecake for Drew. And cookies for a midnight snack/favor, too! (Complete with milk shots.)

9. The Honeymoon Night Done Right:  Designate your wedding night as the first evening of your honeymoon if it feels right. As "cute" as I think it is to hear of a bride and her MOH falling asleep in the newlywed couple's bedroom suite on the wedding night (I cuddle with my girlfriends! I love sleepovers! I'm not opposed!)... the wedding night is for the wedding couple. I'll get my sleepover fix at my bachelorette. Give me husband bed time after I say "I do."
10. Delayed Gratification:  Wait to have your honeymoon. This I do totally agree with. I know I'm going to be EXHAUSTED after everything is all said and done.  I'm ok with waiting a couple of days (or a week, max) to depart for my relaxing heaven of a honeymoon.  When I am sleep-deprived I am NOT a happy girl (nor fun to be around).  I'd rather have my wedding night at a nice hotel or B&B, recuperate for a few days, and then leave.  I probably won't want to see anyone besides my beloved for those few days (awkward!), but once I'm all nice and rested, I'm all a-go for vacationing!

So! There's my input. See the original article here. And please feel free to post a comment about your opinions below! What do you think?!

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