Monday, April 11, 2011

where has kelly gone?

you may have noticed that my posts have literally been nonexistent for the past week. including the 30 day challenge i have been so consistent with! tragic, i know. where have i been? two words:  greek week.
jamie and me at greek sing practice, monday night.

me massaging my cramping-up hamstring after sprinting during the 'angry birds' section of greek olympics.

my sorority family (sarah side) at the greekwide formal friday night.

aaaand.... the piece de resistance of the week, GREEK SING. which was tonight. my life is now complete. three years of greek sing participation! woot woot! this year was amazing. i'll link to videos and post more pictures later. :)


  1. You look tan! Jason will appreciate the angry birds olympics. Also, are you wearing scrubs?

  2. thanks! i got a spray tan on saturday before the show. i am NOT wearing scrubs; i had on a mint green v-neck from our AST Wicked-themed recruitment last fall.