Wednesday, September 28, 2011

reasons why it's good to not be engaged today

Sometimes you just have to remind yourself these things.

  • I do not have to worry about financing a wedding today.
  • I can shamelessly gawk at engagement rings without ever feeling remorse for "cheating" on MY ring.
(Cushion cut, over 2 carats. Maybe even 3. Definitely not anything like what I will get!)
  • I have more time for planning my dream day!
  • I can daydream about living with my girlfriends! When else will I ever get to live with girlfriends versus the same man forever?! Never!
(A couple of my favorites. I'm practically living with LJ now, and I better live with Heather when she comes to Nashy this spring!!!!!!)
  • I can live life without wedding blinders on. (Okay, who am I kidding?)
  • I get to make decisions on my own. Without the input of a certain significant other.
  • This gives me more time to be thinner and have longer hair when I get engaged!
  • God's plan (and Drew's) is (are) better than mine.
  • I will never again get to say I am a girlfriend, versus a fiancee or wife.
  • I now will have more exposure to different wedding vendors. More time = more research opportunities!
  • Less responsibility.
  • Less stress.
  • Why rush into things?
  • I have waited four years and a month and a week. I can wait longer.
(From this past August! #4!)
  • God is teaching me patience.
  • What am I going to do when I'm actually married and can't obsess over my OWN wedding anymore?
  • This gives me more time to make informed decisions about whether or not to do the garter/bouquet toss, etc.
(My friend Callie's wedding this past July. I'm in the navy & white dress looking scandalized:)
  • More time for researching ceremony readings!
  • My parents will be less shocked and unsupportive.
  • I am only 22. It is NOT like I'm an old maid or anything.
  • I can pursue life goals that only involve me.
  • It's time to focus on my career!
(At the wedding I coordinated a couple weeks ago!)
  • I don't want a family until 5 years or so. So there's time.
  • This will give my niece, Cookies, some more time to grow up so she can be a proper flowergirl! Ok, maybe not. But she'll at least get pulled in a wagon or carried down the aisle.
  • I want to get married in exactly one year (probably). So that gives me less than a year-long engagement. Which is what I've always preferred; nothing too long.
  • Girls get prettier as they grow older. If I wait, I'll be prettier.
  • It's worth the wait. Drew's the one.
  • I can still catch the bouquet at weddings. And I've never caught one before!
(I'm in the back with the very focused look and hands prepped for catching. Despite the fact that I didn't.)
  • More time for dreaming up DIY ideas.
  • More time to enter wedding contests!
  • I'll have a newer dress when I get married.
  • My facebook profile will only be "In a relationship..." for so long.
  • I don't have to worry about keeping it secret until I can reveal it to my sorority sisters.
  • Most of my friends are actually still single. So it's not like I'm rapidly being outnumbered, despite it feeling like that sometimes.
  • I can dance my heart out to "Single Ladies."
  • I can still sing "Single Ladies" to Drew annoyingly all I want because he hasn't "put a ring on it." And he used to annoy the hell out of me in college waking me up to him singing it because I hated it then. Revenge is sweet.
  • I do not have to answer to anyone in regard to how I spend money. (That could be a bad thing...)
  • I have more time to consider eloping.

  • I can go to workout classes, clean, shower, go to the beach or pool, and do all sorts of things that wearing a big diamond ring makes inconvenient, without having to worry about losing it if I take it off.
  • I will not get mugged and robbed because someone sees the rock on my hand.
  • My left ring finger can wear whatever the hell she wants to right now. (Although I've put a ban on her wearing things since August 4th.)
  • I can still file for taxes individually as an unmarried person. Which means I get more money back!
  • I am in a serious committed long-term relationship that WILL result in marriage. There's really nothing to worry about or be impatient for.

So, I came up with 43 reasons! That's not too shabby, right? Comment below if you have other suggestions to add. :)


  1. Kelly, Kelly, Kelly... do our talks mean anything to you? :p

  2. Of course they do! Hence my writing this post!!! I thought you'd be proud!

  3. 1. I'm laughing at all of this. And only rolling my eyes once or twice

    2. I think the boys should roll Cookies down the aisle in a wagon. Unless they've had sugar. Then it's probably safest that she be carried/pulled by her Daddy or someone more reliable?

    3. If you decide to elope, I can marry you guys. We can do it on the beach or a bridge or something. I found my certificate of ordinance while cleaning out the office/sewing room.

    4. You can still belt out Single Ladies after you're married. Or stick to watching the clown video. I prefer the latter.

    5. I'm pretty sure after you're married, you'll obsess over planning a vow renewal ceremony. For the next 10-25+ years.

  4. Also...
    6. You can always do revised renditions of single ladies,to accomodate many of life's stages such as:
    "If you like it then you should've upgraded the ring on it"
    "If you like it then you should've put a baby in it"
    "If you like it then you should've remembered the day you put a ring on it"