Monday, October 31, 2011

know a little more...

Taken from Emily!

... I could live anywhere in the US ... I would most certainly live in South Carolina. I fantasize almost daily about living the Charleston life! I'd also be content to live in the South Walton area of Florida. After spending a little less than three weeks there over the spring/summer, I got seriously enamored with the area. Even months later, I'm still dreaming of it (even when the weather changed!). One day, one day. Maybe!

... I were to have children ... I would have three, and name them Ella, Eliza, and Elijah (Eli for short!). My friends from back home are fighting for Elly, so I need to have the first girl. (This could be hard considering the first of them are pregnant, and I'm not looking to have kids for at least 5 years.) Regardless, I'm naming my firstborn Ella or Eli, so they can suck it. Haha.

(my future ginger daughters!)

... I could have any talent in the world ... I would either be a ballerina or Broadway performer or have mad designing skills. I'm hoping to learn more so I can be an event designer (and do custom paper goods!) eventually. God's blessed me with a base level of certain skills, I just need to hone them.

... you met me in real life ... I hope you would like me!! I feel like I portray myself pretty accurately on here. Goofy. Not super productive. Haha.
(What i generally look like...)

... I went back to school ... I would either go to law school or get my MBA. I'm leaning towards the MBA because it seems smarter to go with my future owning-own-business dreams. But I've always considered going the law school route. Who knows? It won't be for years anyways. :) 

... money were not an object ... I would donate a good portion, get a Michael Kors watch and manicures every now and then, have a ballin' wedding, start my own business, buy a house, get an iPhone, buy Laken a photography package for her wedding (since she's not planning on hiring one)... lots of things. I'd also get dance classes. 

... I could meet one celebrity ... it would be Reese Witherspoon or Natalie Portman! They're my favorites. Of all time. Oooh, wait. Maybe Lady Gaga. She trumps them, even.

... I could only shop at one store for the rest of my life ... I'd probably have to pick a department store, and although Nordstrom just opened here a month ago, they do have quite the advantage. Loooove them.

... I could choose an animal/pet ... I would keep my Zuzu and Whisky, but I'd love to have a donkey! They're my favorite!

... I could go on a trip right now ... I'd go to Charleston. Or Mexico. I want someplace warm, the beach, hot sand and blue skies. Shopping is a plus.

... I had to choose between a house cleaner and a personal chef ... I'd have a hard time choosing. I'm awful at cleaning and pretty good at cooking, but it'd still be nice to have someone do all the kitchen work for me. Hmmm. Toss up!

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