Wednesday, October 12, 2011

my REAL favorite season

So as much as I hate winter and the frigid cold, I am looking forward to my REAL favorite season:  Christmas.

Things I'm looking forward to:
  • Thanksgiving first, of course. Deep-fried marinated turkey. Sweet potato pie (baking and eating!). Macaroni. Casseroles. Yeast rolls. Green beans. Mashed potatoes and burned-brown gravy (Father's ONLY). Broccoli casserole. Deviled eggs. Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.
  • Black Friday shopping with Laken.
  • NOT working retail this season.
  • Our first snowfall!
  • Baking zillions of batches of cookies with Mom and Dani.
  • Seeing family.
  • Driving around Brentwood at night to see all the mansions with their Christmas lights. (Believe it or not, I STILL haven't done this with Drew after 4 years and 2 months of dating him!)
  • Christmas movies!!! It's a Wonderful Life. Claymation Rudolph. Frosty the Snowman. A Christmas Story (I never actually pay attention to it, but I like for it to be on in the background). A Charlie Brown Christmas. 
  • Christmas shopping!!! Ahhhh, love love love.
  • Christmas music! Play me some "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas," "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree," "Holly Jolly Christmas," all the Christmas church hymns (love love love)... so much. 
  • Christmas caroling!
  • Christmas parades!
  • Christmas pageants at church!!!!
  • Christmas dinner!
  • Christmas decorating!
  • Wearing red and green!
  • Our annual "Crew Christmas Party!!!!"
  • Christmas parties in general!
  • Peppermint punch!
  • New Year's Eve breakfast! The best of all breakfasts, ever. Granny's grits are all I need in life.
  • Working a New Year's Eve wedding!
  • Decorating my kitty and puppy for Christmas! (Hello red bows!! SOOOO PRECIOUS!)
  • Going to Target and looking at Christmas things!
  • Wrapping Christmas presents!
  • Opening Christmas presents!
  • Stuffing Christmas stockings!
  • Having a lover at Christmas. It makes a lot of difference.
  • Our big Dyce family Christmas party!
  • Going to KMart to look at Martha Stewart's Christmas decorations!
  • Decorating the Christmas tree!
  • Making Christmas crafts!
  • Making Christmas cards!
  • Clementines!
  • Decorating all the fences and balustrades with lush greenery!
  • Mistletoe Ball, even though I'm too old for it!
  • Planning the Snow Ball, a philanthropic event!
  • Going to a Christmas tree farm and cutting down a Christmas tree with friends!
  • THE NUTCRACKER. My favorite performance in the history of forever.
  • The Music City Rockettes Christmas SPECTACULAR!
  • Christmas concerts.
  • Elf
  • Hot chocolate made on the stove
  • Mama's fruit salad
  • Walking around Opryland Hotel!
So much more.

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