Monday, April 8, 2013

workin' on my fitness {the plan}

So, I've been working on four consecutive months of yoga (Bikram and some varieties of flow yoga/ashtanga/vinyasa/Christian/etc). I am currently on my third month! It has been absolutely wonderful, lovely, fabulous, excellent and makes me SO HAPPY. I can tell I'm SO much stronger and fitter than I've been in years, my yoga practice has improved tremendously (in contrast to doing yoga for 8 years and hot yoga for 3 years off and on, without much consistency), and it's been incredible for stress and anxiety. HOWEVER... I am not my fittest/leanest-looking due to my diet. I eat mostly healthy but have a killer sweet tooth and occasionally overindulge in delicious restaurant food or just rich dishes we cook at home. I could definitely be more portion-conscious and conscientious about WHAT I'm eating (if I'd just choose SOME things to indulge in and not ALL, I'd be a lot better off!). Moderation is key! To kick-start better habits and an early anniversary celebration vacation, I'm kicking my workouts into high gear and watching what I eat.

Over the summer, on the ten days right before we got married, I started watching my food intake (limiting sugar + bread + alcohol) and went to a grand total of FOUR hot yoga classes (doubled up the first day, then went twice later), and I lost five pounds and was thrilled to death with my figure.

I've worked out enough to build up a good amount of lean muscle tone. My body is the type that will show it EASILY and QUICKLY as long as I eat well (and LOW SUGAR). I just need to limit the sugar & overeating, and I'll see the fruits of my labors from the past couple of months. Here goes nothing!!

{The goal:  Look like this! Honeymoon bikini bod!}

possible physical activities & locations:
weight training {lexington gym}
hot yoga, twice daily {fahrenheit}
kettlebells {dellinger home}
walks {edwin warner}
lunges & squats & dumbbells {dellinger home}


9:30 power vinyasa flow (75)
12:00 hot yoga (60)

6:30 hot yoga (75)

9:30 power vinyasa flow (75)
12:00 hot yoga (60)

4:30 hot yoga (75)

9:30 hot yoga (75)
12:00 hot yoga (60)

9:30 hot yoga (90)

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  1. It seems like hot yoga did a great job! Also, it helps that you're making a conscious effort to limit your sugar intake and overeating, for these two can be harmful to your body. I hope that you'll maintain your fitness plan even though you've already achieved the figure that you want though.